Aspects of Construction Site Security

The construction industry covers activities that require companies to continuously use and store various high-value machinery, vehicles, materials, and tools. All these goods have some resale value. Its little surprise that construction sites are favoured haunts of criminals.

Security is a major concern for those involved in this industry. The surveillance, as well as safe and secure storage of all valuable goods and materials, is central to the working of the construction industry. Among the security measures, CCTV surveillance and alarm systems are necessary installations depending on which areas of the construction site have to be covered.

We at CCTV Installation Melbourne provide the highest level of security systems and cater to clients in the construction industry. While we routinely install alarm and CCTV camera systems for our clients, we also specialise in the installation of silent alarm systems that transmit information directly to law enforcement authorities, without criminals getting wind of it.

Why is Security Essential at Construction Sites?

Millions of dollars’ worth of thefts and robberies take place at construction sites across Australia each year, and this makes security a matter of grave concern. The recovery of stolen goods by the police is estimated to be only about 25%, which is why preventing thefts in the first place remains a priority. This becomes a matter of concern for all construction companies in Melbourne because these losses:

  • Affect the buildings under construction, due to loss of equipment, tools, and materials
  • Disrupt ongoing construction schedules escalating the costs and resulting in financial losses
  • Put the personnel working at the site at high risk due to the criminals that can injure them sometimes fatally. This happens because the thieves rip up fixtures or keep the live electrical wires open when they are carrying out a robbery

Lighting and Alarm Systems

Well-lit areas and alarm systems are two critical physical measures that deter thieves from entering a construction site. Thieves generally carry out their activities under cover of darkness. When a construction site lacks basics like sensor lighting, it is an invitation for thefts and vandals.

We recommend that clients should integrate their lighting systems, motion sensors, CCTV systems, and alarm devices. This kind of a robust security network proves to be a valuable deterrent to criminal activities.

Technology has made it possible to monitor different places at the same time. The expanse of a construction site need not become an obstacle to adopt a comprehensive security system.  For example, where running cables isn’t possible, solar cameras can be installed to improve the security of your site.

Add Security Guards

Construction sites require multi-layered security systems. You need to hire security guards to act as soon as an alarm goes off. They patrol and guard the place as well as process people etc. You need to take measures that minimise the threat of thieves.

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