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Why Choose Sony CCTV Cameras?

A single individual cannot be at multiple places simultaneously. It is also expensive to hire a security guard for different areas that you want to be secured. However, CCTV systems allow a single security officer to monitor all areas. In the simplest definition, the camera security system consists of a camera, a monitor, a recorder, and a cable that connects them.

The components and technology to be used in the system must be well researched so that the CCTV system to be used can be set up easily and at the most affordable cost.

If you are looking to invest in CCTV system for your business or residential property, Sony has made huge advancements in these systems and you should put them on top of your list. Sony CCTV cameras are known to be high-quality and durable for long periods of non-stop use.

What options do I have in terms of camera choice for my Sony CCTV system?

There are many camera types that Sony offers in their CCTV systems. Analogue cameras are the most commonly used in CCTV systems. They have the older technology hence they are cheaper and easy to set up. For these reasons, analogue cameras keep their popularity despite their lower resolutions. Working principles of analogue cameras are really simple. The image is transmitted to the recording system which is usually a DVR with UTP cables. Once received by the recorder, it converts the images into digital data and stores it.

Thanks to the developing technology, Sony AHD  and HD-CVI cameras are now capable of producing images at 1080p and 720p using analogue infrastructure. These cameras transmit analogue video signals over traditional coaxial cables, allowing high-resolution images to be captured.

The IP camera is connected directly to a network, just like a computer. Since the video is recorded directly in digital media, you will not need a DVR convert it to digital data.

You do not need to connect the camera to a recording device because each device is connected to the network. IP cameras also use an internet cable that is thinner, more flexible, and more convenient than the traditional cables.

Most IP cameras can get their power via internet cables. In terms of resolution, IP cameras are also ahead of analogue cameras.

One of the oldest camera types for CCTV is the box camera. It is a camera that is not suitable for different weather conditions. It is sold without a lens and this might put off many customers, however, it means that you can get a lens for it for different uses such as wide-range, extra zoom and etc.

Since this camera is not weather-compatible, you must mount the camera inside a camera case for outdoor use. There are various case options for different weather conditions.

The bullet camera is the most frequently used camera type. The Bullet camera is a bullet-shaped camera with an infrared illuminated lens for weatherproof and improved night vision performance. The objective may be auto-focused or fixed focused.

A bullet camera without infrared illumination is called a lipstick camera. These types of cameras are the easiest cameras to install. You can pan and tilt the camera right-left; up-and-down to get exactly the image you want.


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