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Frequently asked question on Bosch Alarm Systems

Can I add new features to the Bosch Alarm Systems?

Bosch Alarm Systems are fully equipped with products and services that can be flexibly adjusted according to your needs and requirements. If you wish you can add new modules to your alarm system in line with your needs, thanks to different types of detectors, you can extend the safety measures of your home or business.

Can I set up and monitor my Bosch Alarm Systems remotely?

If your alarm system has a built-in GPRS module, you can remotely control your alarm system using a mobile app. For more information, please contact your security alarm advisors.

How does this mobile app help me?

With the mobile app, you’ll experience the services you have in the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. Alarm Centre technology; the smart device sends signals in seconds such as setting and disconnection of the system, emergency alarm conditions, failures, low battery and battery signal as an instant mobile notification. And with the mobile app, you can run online transactions on your subscription, easily change any settings.

In addition to these, opening and closing details of the workplaces can be arranged, exceptional situations can be determined, information about holiday tours can be updated, mobile notifications can be set up, new users can be added to the system, and region definitions can be arranged.

Can I monitor the opening and closing times of my business thanks to my Bosch Alarm Systems?

Above mentioned services also include opening and closing schedules for businesses. Depending on your service package, you may be notified by the safe response system if your business opens early or closes later than the schedule that you have set.

Will my pet in my home prevent the Bosch Alarm Systems from functioning?

Thanks to Bosch Alarm Systems animal friendly motion detectors developed with superior German technology, your alarm system is not affected by the movements of your pets up to 20kg.

Will the Bosch Alarm Systems continue to function when the power is cut off?

Depending on the number of panel-connected detectors and accessories, your alarm system will continue to operate for a minimum of 6 hours thanks to its spare battery.

Why choose the Bosch Alarm Systems?

The Bosch Group is a leading supplier of technology and services to the world for over 100 years. All over the world, Bosch has a turnover of 45.1 billion euros with 280,000 employees in fiscal 2008 in automotive and industrial technologies, consumer durables and construction technologies. The Bosch Group is represented in approximately 150 countries and covers more than 300 subsidiaries and local companies in over 60 countries as well as Robert Bosch GmbH. Investing over 3.5 billion euros every year in research and development, Bosch has more than 3,000 patent applications worldwide.


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