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What Are the Different Types of Home Alarm Systems?

Homeowners planning to install reliable security solutions often struggle to choose the right kind of alarm for their properties. Indeed, your options are plenty when getting alarm systems from a well-established company. Every kind of Bosch alarm systems has its own share of perks and drawbacks, and it’s crucial to make an informed purchase.


5 types of home alarm systems


If you aren’t sure of the kind of alarm system to install in your home, this article is for you. Let’s check out the most effective types of home alarm systems that you can get.


1. Wired alarm systems


These are relatively simple monitoring systems that use a phone landline connection. A wired security system transmits signals to a monitoring centre through the landline wire. However, the connection can be easily interrupted due to poor weather conditions. An intruder may also physically disconnect or cut the wires. If you get a wired alarm system, it’s advised to keep a cellular backup.


2. Wireless home alarm systems


As you might guess, these are the exact opposite of wired alarm systems. Rather than a landline phone connection, a wireless system typically uses radio frequency waves to transmit information. A series of sensors connected to built-in radio frequency transmitters detect intrusions and alert you when the alarm is triggered. The system is operated through a control panel, and homeowners may integrate them with other smart home systems.

  Most importantly, one can also manage the system remotely using a mobile device.


3. Electric Current Alarm System


Those looking for a simple and affordable home alarm system might go for an electric current alarm system. However, these systems are very basic and will only monitor a home’s entry points. Electric current systems use low-voltage electric circuits that are installed in the doors and windows. Opening the door/window disrupts the circuit and triggers the alarm.


4. Monitored Home Alarm System


Although a little costlier, monitored home alarm systems are the most effective at protecting your home. There are various monitored home alarm systems with different triggering mechanisms, including motion sensors and auditory sensors. Either way, the alarm system will alert both the homeowners and the monitoring centre when an alarm is triggered. The monitoring centre operators can verify the alarm and alert the authorities if necessary.


5. Unmonitored Home Alarm System


Unlike the monitored systems, an unmonitored home alarm system doesn’t alert a monitoring centre. Instead, it only triggers audible and/or visual alerts in case someone or something triggers the alarm. Unless the system is synced with your mobile device, you’ll have to rely entirely on someone in or around the house to notice the alarm and alert you or the authorities.




To sum up, you can get home alarm systems of varying levels of sophistication. Some may only produce audible beeps, while others will help alert the authorities when you cannot. Make sure to get the system installed by a company that also offers alarm repairs Melbourne. Pricing is definitely a factor to consider, but it’s logical not to compromise security in any way.