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A new look at video surveillance by Bosch CCTV Systems

Our objective with Bosch CCTV Systems is to carry out innovations in the security sector where it is most needed. We are constantly developing the technologies to create intelligent solutions – capabilities of Bosch CCTV systems exceed the highest security requirements to date and provide explicit business benefits related not only to security but other business issues as well. We are sure that the necessary next phase in security development is to provide customers with the opportunity to interpret data and use the huge amount of video data available to solve a wide range of complications. The capability of translating video data directly to information that allows you to significantly improve the level of security provides a number of distinct advantages for the business.

Using the concealed CCTV data to your advantage

In contempt of the extensive amount of video material compiled, numbers show that only 10% of recorded data is actually used, while the rest of it is often overlooked. Why do we use such an ineffectual chunk of data? Our purpose for using the CCTV systems are most often limited to providing the necessary information in the event of an emergency or evidence in the commission of a criminal offense that happened in a certain time period.

Built-in Video Analytics

So, how exactly do we utilize the hidden that? Would not it be great if the recorded video data could do more work for our businesses than just dealing with security problems? By providing Video Analytics technology as standard on our Bosch CCTV Systems, we allow customers to use the data directly from the source and make better business related judgements. This system uses its technology to help customers execute a range of different tasks: from monitoring employee attendance to decreasing utility bills and from analysing customer behaviour to increasing sales by identifying the hot points in the business environments, as well as identifying obstacles that do not allow for an ideal environment to form in the store and ensure customer satisfaction.

Areas of Expertise

Before setting up the CCTV systems, it is essential to establish the flawless quality of existing security and data management systems. That’s why our portfolio of intelligent solutions is based on areas in which we specialize: providing the highest quality image, maximizing the efficiency of data transfer with minimal disk space requirements and network load, and protecting video data.

Difference of Bosch CCTV Systems compared to other brands

Highest image quality

Bosch offers the best image quality with high resolution 4K ultra HD, starlight technology and a wide dynamic range.

Intelligent data rate control

Bosch helps to significantly reduce the data transfer rate (up to 80%), the network load and the disk space requirements without losing the quality of the video image.

Data Security

In Bosch video surveillance systems, various software and hardware security features are implemented, such as the TPM built-in trusted platform module.


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