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Tips on repairing CCTV cameras correctly by yourself

First of all, we would like to mention that everything we are going to discuss may be cause damage to your system if done incorrectly. That being said, you must not try the below mentioned repairs if you are not sure of your abilities. In addition, it is needles to say that you should make sure the camera is not connected to any power source during doing these procedures

Repairing Infrared CCTV Cameras

Replacing the infrared display is not very difficult. Often, it is going to be the most effortless to get to out of all the components of your CCTV. After you take off the camera body in order to get to the IR panel, you need to disconnect the Infrared panel from the rest of the case. This is done easily by removing the screws that secure the IR card to the camera body. There are approximately 5-7 screws holding the panel.

From that point onward, you will see that you can take the board out of the rest of the segments, yet the dark/red coloured power cables will be connected to the socket on the back of the IR panel. Pull the connector out of its base; disengage the power link from the IR card. As of now, you toss the harmed board and set back another one in the following the same order.

Replacement of the lens of a CCTV Camera

In the future, expect yourself having to almost totally dismantle the device to get access to the parts you are required to repair. Whether the lens you are using is fixed or adjustable makes no difference. Your IR card is going to be the first stumbling block on your way; almost in all situations it will be essential to completely remove it. Adjustable lenses can be much more problematic if it is your initial try.

Changing the Image Sensor

It is not as hard to find the image sensor in the CCTV cameras. It is going be precisely connected to the lens, there will be a glass in a rectangular shape in the middle of the panel. It is needless to say that you will have to take out the lens; this mainly means taking out your Infrared panel as well. After other components are taken out of the panel, you need to either separate your sensor from the camera body, or from the camera power panel, if it has one. All cables must also be separated from the sensor during this procedure.

Replacing the Power Board in the CCTV Cameras

Replacing your network card can either be very easy or difficult. This is usually located on the back side of the camera. If it is easy, you will be able to take out all the subjective components of the camera immediately after separating them from the cables coming from the pigtail. This will leave the power panel at the rear of the assembly; it will be very straightforward to reassemble everything.

It is very likely that this goes the opposite way and not easy at all. It is very possible that the internal components are not connected to each other. This means that you will have to separate them from the power panel one by one. For this reason, we suggest taking pictures of your dismantling process so that it is easier when you are putting them back together. Also, be careful at remembering where to connect the each cable.


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