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Everything about Dahua CCTV Cameras: IP and HDCVI Technology

With the ever-increasing CCTV camera needs, IP is the front-end, also known as Network camera systems, which can easily respond to industrial and large-scale organizations with the ease of installation and use, high-quality picture resolution it offers, and the ability of recording for long periods to meet all your needs in the field of CCTV Cameras.

High-Resolution IP CCTV Cameras

The fact that IP cameras now have image resolutions as high as 15 Mega Pixels is the indication that in the near future there will be cameras with even better image quality and resolution. This means that the IP cameras will take the sole lead in CCTV camera manufacturing.

IP cameras are equipped with many advanced technological features, as well as PoE (Power over Ethernet) support, which allow for power, sound and image transfer over a single cable for ease of installation. It also eliminates the cost of cables because existing network lines can be used in small and medium-sized installations.

On the other hand, thanks to the SD card slot located on the IP cameras, it is possible to record on an SD card without any recording equipment in there is a failure or short interruption in the recording device.

Dahua HDCVI Technology

Dahua’s licensed technology enables long-range analogue HD video transmission standards at much lower cost with using coaxial cables. Long Distance Transmission with low cost, high-resolution Video quality and easy to install HDCVI technology are the main features.

Dahua Smart Thermal CCTV Cameras

There are situations where human eyes and even cameras are insufficient to maintain the security of a given place. Dahua Smart Thermal cameras are specifically designed for such situations.

  • Clear image without the need for extra light source
  • Superior performance even in challenging natural conditions such as rain, smoke
  • Alarm setting with temperature measurement (maximum two-degree deviation)
  • The contactless temperature measurement feature creates fast and accurate alarms.

   Usage areas:

  • Zone defense: Short, medium and long distance / Virtual defense / Video analysis
  • Border & Coastal Supervision: Long distance monitoring in non-illuminated areas such as villages, harbors, docks
  • Electrical Industry: Isolated, mostly unmanned monitoring and temperature measurement
  • Forest Fires Prevention: Detects long-distance fire and alerts
  • Housing Security: In order to prevent light pollution
  • Energy Industry: Pipeline leaks / Pipeline drilling
  • Production and automation: Energy consumption analysis / overheating problems
  • Transport Sector: Flow detection (human / vehicle) / 24 hour monitoring in all conditions

Security 50 is one of the most comprehensive and effective reports in the sector, among the best security manufacturers in the world. In the annual Security 50 ranking, product sales revenue, gross profit and profit margin were based on the previous financial year. With sales revenue of 13.33 billion CNY (US $ 1.93 billion), Dahua rose to the Top 3 of this year with 32.26% year-on-year growth from 2015, up one point from last year’s ranking.


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