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Keep an eye out on your Business & Home with a CCTV Camera

Keep an eye out on your Business & Home with a CCTV Camera

The benefits of having installed a CCTV system (Closed Circuit Television) are many and vary depending on the place installed. Some of these benefits of CCTV are obvious, others not so much, in our experience we have discovered some of the most common CCTV benefits.

Safest environment

Immediately after installing the CCTV system the sense of security within the home or office is increased. Clients and employees tend to feel more secure when they know that a video surveillance system is in operation.

Increase in deterrence.

The CCTV systems are a great deterrent to potential thieves. Once they realize that the home or business is protected by a CCTV system they always choose to go somewhere else.

Increased detection.

With an installed video surveillance system, any incident is recorded. So if you have the misfortune of being a victim of a crime, at least there will be a strong probability of detection and arrest of the person responsible.

Remote monitoring.

Another benefit of CCTV is being able to monitor what happens in the home or company when it is not there. This is possible thanks to P2P applications (peer to peer) that allow you to see from your computer or any mobile device what is happening.

Thieves deliberately target companies with poor security and think twice if there is a risk that they can be captured on camera. In fact, a CCTV system is a very important and determining factor that can significantly reduce the losses in a company. Not only because people care more to know that they are being watched, but also because the guilty are easily discovered by reviewing the recordings and taking measures for the future.

These cameras and systems are used in a variety of different contexts and are integrated-to a large extent-into a workplace for employee observation and the efficiency with which the business is operating.

What are the application areas of a CCTV?

They can be applied basically anywhere you need to have surveillance control from the main access to the kitchen and the most common places where we can find are:

  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Banks
  • Government Institutes
  • Prisons and jails
  • Self Service and Departmental Stores
  • Industries and Hotels
  • Seaports
  • Airports

Logically, in almost all cases the CCTV must be accompaniead by the recording of the events that are monitored in order to obtain evidence of all important movements, and also to minimize the human monitoring of the monitors.